Fun projects

Besides being really busy with a big project at work the past month, I've also been re-creating a few more objects in CSS.

First I recreated a Macintosh, which took off quite a bit. Afterwards, I worked on a Braun radio designed by Dieter Rams. And last week I made Nintendo Switch on livestream.

I have a backlog of similar projects, and I'm actually aiming to stream the majority of them on Twitch, it's been very fun letting people in on my process ☀️.


Random thoughts

Still on lockdown, still travelling...

... through Animal Crossing! This game could not have been released at a better time. While Norway and the rest of the world are still on lockdown, I still managed to meet (local and far-away) friends by visiting their Animal Crossing islands.

Initially when the game was announced I didn't think I would enjoy its online features this much, but given the current situation I've been using them a whole lot. 🥰


Currently playing

Overwatch on Switch. Mainly playing as healers (Moira & Mercy) or tanks (Orisa & D.Va).